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2015-01-08 07:41:29

Development of a Supply Chain Category covering Construction services

One of my objectives for this year 2015 is the launching of a Supply Chain Category which would be called "Facilities execution services" or just "Construction Services". All ideas and/or comments are most welcome! Many thanks
 •  International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute  •   2015-01-08 19:30:02
I am interested. Lee Graw at Latingraw@aol.com
 •  Accenture  •   2015-01-26 08:49:24
Facilities execution and construction services are very different catagories and are different depending on the market. Suggest you choose 1 and the applicable industry / location
 •  PLUSPETROL  •   2015-01-26 10:08:07
Thank you. Could you recommend a source pf information and/or literature to analyze it? thanks
 •  International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute  •   2015-01-26 18:27:36
I am not sure what you mean by "Facilties execution services". I do have an extensive background in facilities contracting, including architect-engineer services and construction. What can I do to help you? I have separate courses on A&E and Construction contracting.
 •  Academy Sports + Outdoors  •   2015-01-28 18:09:18
It occurs to me that a Construction Services group inside the Supply Chain organization might have a functional link to the Facilities Management organization within the company, at least to the extent some of the facilities affected are under the 'corporate services' umbrella. If the construction services are being obtained in support of outbound obligations (to clients), the concerns may be very different. In the latter case, you will need to have a nexus to your customer contracts group.
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