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Commitment Matters Blog Business asset or the preserve of specialists? The future of contract design and drafting Published: 15 Apr 2015 Type: Commitment Matters Blog Last week, one of my blogs included observations on the way that attitudes to contracts are changing. In response, drafting guru Ken Adams challenged my suggestion that these shifting attitudes will lead to fundamental changes in contract design. I think his implication is tha...
Commitment Matters Blog Contracts face changing perceptions, changing needs Published: 08 Apr 2015 Type: Commitment Matters Blog 'We must think about contracts as the foundation for business operations', observed Steve Harmon, Deputy General Counsel at Cisco. 'We've reached the end for strategic ambiguity in contracts - there is a need for far more clarity'.
Commitment Matters Blog What's the future for pricing? Published: 01 Apr 2015 Type: Commitment Matters Blog As part of the mounting social debate over ethics and perceived fairness, the UKs Labour Party has announced that suppliers to the National Health Service will not be permitted to make more than 5% profit.
Commitment Matters Blog Poor practices drive contract under-performance Published: 24 Mar 2015 Type: Commitment Matters Blog Procurement, legal compliance, accounting, marketing ... These are all necessary activities within a business. The problem comes when those activities become enshrined within rigid policies and practices which are not well aligned and then undermine business goals and performa...
Commitment Matters Blog Contracts and technology Published: 18 Mar 2015 Type: Commitment Matters Blog Technology has reshaped business capabilities and business relationships on a global scale. Yet somehow, the process and instruments through which those capabilities are expressed and by which those relationships are managed have largely managed to escape untouched.
Articles / White Papers Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) trumps unwritten intent Published: 17 Mar 2015 Average Rating: 1.0 / 5 Type: Articles / White Papers Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) states the written terms of a contract can override the opposing party's differing understanding under the right circumstances.
Commitment Matters Blog Is 'sustainability' a good term? Published: 12 Mar 2015 Type: Commitment Matters Blog In speaking with groups around the world, I find a degree of confusion over use of the term 'sustainability' when applied to trading relationships.
Commitment Matters Blog Contracting: the core of business competence Published: 10 Mar 2015 Type: Commitment Matters Blog Winning contracts, placing contracts with suppliers, executing on contracts - the ability to undertake these activities successfully lies at the heart of any sustainable organization. Shifting business models are making capabilities in these areas ever more critical.
Commitment Matters Blog When regulation becomes political Published: 09 Mar 2015 Type: Commitment Matters Blog It might be argued that all regulation is ultimately political, but notices issued by the Chinese Banking Regulatory Commission and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology appear to cross new boundaries. They threaten operations in China by all foreign banks, under...
Commitment Matters Blog Is sustainability affordable? Published: 03 Mar 2015 Type: Commitment Matters Blog 'There is a profound shift going on', according to John Elkington, Executive Chairman of Volans. John was my co-presenter at the Ecovadis conference in Paris, discussing the progress and challenges of sustainability. The size and quality of the audience at this event,...
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