Renewed Contract and Commercial Management (CCM) Course Features Integrated Curriculum for Improved Buyer/Supplier Collaboration

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Author: IACCM

IACCM is launching its renewed CCM professional certification program today for public, private and third sector workers around the world.

Research consistently shows that commercial and contracting issues lie at the heart of 70-75% of failing projects, resulting in an average of 9.2% of annual revenue leakage.[i]

In response, executives are looking to develop 'commercial competency' across their organizations – beyond the context of sales alone – to ensure optimal outcomes from trading relationships. Strategic contracting practices are key elements in ensuring business engagements are achievable, sustainable and ethical.

"Even the most carefully designed contracting process supported by sophisticated information technology infrastructure will not succeed without capable Contract Management professionals. Organizations need to invest in developing the functional and interpersonal skills of their staff”, said María Arraiza-Monteux, Capability Building Program Manager at DuPont's Contract Manufacturing Center of Competency.

IACCM continuously conducts research among its global member base of 34,000 globally to define and report on good contracting and commercial management practice at an advanced level. It is in this research that underpins IACCM training programs and equips IACCM members to deliver commercial excellence across their organizations.

Through the updated CCM learning program, IACCM communicates a global body of knowledge, consistent tools, methods and language to help organizations achieve successful outcomes from their trading relationships.

“Standards are critical to management, but commercial judgment is critical to market leadership. Our programs equip students with the knowledge and the confidence to understand the difference between compliance and true business value”.  – Tim Cummins, CEO at IACCM.

In an environment where collaboration is increasingly prized, IACCM stands alone in challenging the traditional 'buy-side / sell-side' adversarialism that undermines business results and reputation.

The interactive, online CCM learning and certification program provides learners with dynamic content, regularly adjusted and updated to reflect the volatility of today's market conditions. To view the renewed curricula: http://www.iaccm.com/downloads/1440413036_ccm-associatepractitioner-sept-2015-v2.pdf

Upon successful completion of the CCM course, learners are awarded associate, practitioner or expert professional credentials accredited by IACCM. Graduates have a thorough understanding of:

  • How CCM practices support sustainable relationships and increased transparency between business partners
  • How to deploy CCM to manage risk as well as the challenges of doing business internationally
  • How to amend underperforming contracts and stopping revenue or value leakage

Included in the IACCM Professional CCM Certification Program:

  • Skills Assessment: identification of personal and/or team development needs against external benchmarks in the key areas of commercial skills and knowledge
  • Development Plan: a personal report with gap analysis, together with learning and experience recommendations

  • Online Learning: a flexible yet structured online program with student and instructor interactions covering the full contract lifecycle

  • Certification: an internationally recognized certification in contract and commercial management at Associate, Practitioner or Expert level

IACCM helps learners develop their commercial acumen by providing a global perspective on good contracting and commercial management practice at an advanced level, a common body of knowledge and consistent tools. To learn more about the CCM program: https://www.iaccm.com/training/contract-management/


[i] 'Ten Pitfalls to Avoid in Contracting' Research Report published in March 2015 by IACCM



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