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Commitment Matters Blog What does Brexit tell us? Published: 05 Jul 2016 Average Rating: 4.5 / 5 Type: Commitment Matters Blog Our globally networked societies and economies have transformed the environment in which we live, yet our political direction, organization and visions have not yet adjusted. Brexit is an indication of the frustrations that many feel in a world they no longer understand, with ...
Commitment Matters Blog Adjusting to a digital age Published: 05 Jul 2016 Type: Commitment Matters Blog IACCM undertakes regular capability assessments for its corporate members. We have data from hundreds of different organizations around the world, enabling individual results to be benchmarked against both global and industry standards.
Commitment Matters Blog Negotiation - an incompetent competency Published: 05 Jul 2016 Type: Commitment Matters Blog Censeo Consulting Group and the Public Spend Forum recently announced their findings on 'the required skills of the public procurement workforce'. They discovered under-performance 'in nearly 70% of identified competency areas'.
Commitment Matters Blog Performance indicators for contract managers Published: 05 Jul 2016 Average Rating: 5.0 / 5 Type: Commitment Matters Blog I want to share a question that appeared this week on the IACCM message board.

'Has anyone had any success in setting up and managing KPIs for Contracts Management. The intent would be to set internal KPIs for our contracts team. Since the 'success' of...
Commitment Matters Blog Do price negotiations destroy value? Published: 05 Jul 2016 Average Rating: 3.5 / 5 Type: Commitment Matters Blog Should negotiations ever come down to price? Not according to INSEAD professor Horacio Falcao. In a thought-provoking article, Professor Falcao suggests that 'a focus on price puts both sides at risk of leaving out other interests that are more important'.
News / Announcements Ask The Expert Special Edition: The Impacts of Brexit Published: 29 Jun 2016 Type: News / Announcements Thursday 30th June 2016 - 4:00 PM London, 11:00 AM New York, 8:30 PM Mumbai, 11 PM Perth

The global economy has been thrown into turmoil by the UK's decision to leave the European Union.

What effect will this have on contract and commercial manage...
News / Announcements The Biggest Hope for Ending Corruption Is Open Public Contracting Published: 11 May 2016 Type: News / Announcements This week the British Prime Minister David Cameron is hosting an international anti-corruption summit. The scourge of anonymous shell companies and hidden identities rightly seizes the public's imagination. We can all picture the suitcases of cash and tropical islands invo...
Commitment Matters Blog Who places value on your contracts? Published: 21 Apr 2016 Type: Commitment Matters Blog Do people in your business take contracts and contract management seriously enough?
Commitment Matters Blog Scope & Goals Remain A Challenge Published: 12 Apr 2016 Average Rating: 5.0 / 5 Type: Commitment Matters Blog Across industry as a whole, lack of clarity in scope and goals is a common problem - it is in fact the first issue highlighted in IACCM's 'top ten pitfalls in contracting' study.
Commitment Matters Blog Winning contracts with distinctive capabilities Published: 11 Apr 2016 Type: Commitment Matters Blog Economist John Kay has highlighted the importance of 'distinctive capabilities' in establishing competitive advantage. The correlation to contracting and commercial terms is immediately evident - not least because he sees these capabilities being delivered in the conte...
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