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Contracting Excellence Magazine - May 2012



SYDNEY  August 1-3

        SINGAPORE  September 4-5

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Contract & Commercial Management: Operational Guide

The Definitive Guide to Commercial Contracting

We are excited to announce that IACCM's groundbreaking commercial contracting guide - the first global work of its kind - is now available.

Secure your copy of Contract & Commercial Management: The Operational Guide today - and find out why this highly recommended title is being called 'a great catch all book that can be referred to by both sell and buy side for worldwide contracts', that will 'serve as a reference handbook throughout a career'. The definitive work on contracting and commercial best practice provides a comprehensive overview of the entire contract life-cycle over more than 500 pages of detailed insight.

The Operational Guide is a unique work, addressing contract and commercial principles on a worldwide basis, for both buy-side and sell-side practitioners. Invaluable for training, as a reference work, or simply to update your understanding of current practices, this is a volume that you really must own!

For more details and to order online, please go to:






  Negotiations - Things Never To Give Away

  Information technology deals are complicated. And so are the tools and tactics we sometimes use to
  complete them. But many times, simple truths can help get things started on the right foot. Far too often the
  deal is given away even before the negotiations have started. The best advice is to never give away your
  negotiating power before you start the negotiations. While the following simple tenets seem obvious we
  have seen every one of these rules broken. If you observe these simple rules it will give you a start in
  keeping the power on your side of the table. Don’t tell a supplier:

  • You're new to negotiations.
  • It's a strategic partner.
  • Who its competitors are.
  • It's the only supplier being considered, even if it is.
  • You have a deadline for the project.
  • You love its product.
  • You need its product.
  • That you prefer its product over competitors' products.
  • How much you're willing to spend or what your budget is.
  • The bids you received from other suppliers.
  • Exactly how much you plan to buy.
  • Its price is reasonable.
  • We don't need to write that down. I trust you.
  • You'll start with its contract.
  • You'll sign the deal now and work out the details later.
  • It has "locked in" your business, even after the deal is signed.

  Anything else that could give it leverage during the final decision-making process

  ©Reiner Associates, Inc.

  by Ditka Reiner, CEO, Reiner Associates, Inc.




SYDNEY August 1-3

SINGAPORE September 4-5

AMERICAS Houston, TX October 16-18







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