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Research Services

IACCM is a world-leading source of independent analysis, informed debate and influential thought leadership for innovation in global trading relationships and practices. Our outcomes deliver sustainable, achievable, ethical solutions designed to foster economic growth. We:

  • Engage with governments, the private sector, in open forums and confidential discussions about programs and practices that capitalize on opportunities to achieve their goals and advance commercial and contracting activities and innovation
  • Produce independent and rigorous analysis of critical global and industry specific challenges and opportunities
  • Offer dependable and responsible solutions to decision-makers and shapers

Advisory Services

IACCM advises clients in the following areas:

  • People
  • Operations
  • Contracting Standards and Methods
  • IACCM Awards

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See what surveys IACCM has been running: 

Surveys are open for anybody to participate. Join in on one of the current surveys below – your input will not be shared with a third party and you will get a copy of the results:

2016/2017 Top Terms in in Negotiations

If you negotiate or draft contracts, it’s time to share your experiences! Which terms are the most negotiated? And are they the right terms to generate business value?

IACCM’s annual report of the Most Negotiated Terms is widely used around the world – by lawyers, educators, practitioners and managers. Please take a few minutes to support the 2016/2017 edition. You will receive a copy of the resulting report.

Please click the link below to begin the survey:


Information Enablement (IE) for Contracting and Commerce

In a recent survey, over 70% of commercial teams said that they are facing demands to raise efficiency and deliver greater value. Less than 15% felt that they have the necessary capabilities in place to meet business demands.
What makes that 15% different ... and what should you be doing to secure your future? Whether you are in Legal, Procurement or Contract Management, a key element is to become 'information-enabled'.

You can discover what that means - and where you currently stand - by participating in IACCM's latest survey, which is being undertaken in collaboration with SAP and NetApp. Gain invaluable insights into ways that leading commercial groups are raising their performance and status by grasping the opportunities that our digital world is creating.

Please click the link below to begin the survey:

2016 As-a-Service Impact on Enterprise Contracting

As part of an ongoing effort to provide you with relevant benchmarking data and leading-edge insights, IACCM is excited to collaborate with ISG and announce the 2016 As–a-Service Study. 

Businesses are increasingly adopting “As-a-Service” offerings in order to increase agility, reduce costs and gain access to innovative new capabilities. They are also transforming their own products into services, often delivering them to their end customers As-a-Service.

Please click the link below to begin the survey:

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