As-a-Service Impact on Enterprise Contracting

Published: 15 Oct 2018 Average Rating: unrated Print

Author: IACCM

More than 250 organizations contributed to this report, which was primarily conducted through an on-line survey in May - July, 2018. The research was supplemented with interviews and direct conversations regarding the impact that 'as a service' offerings are having in the market.

The term 'as a service' is a collective reference to anything that is delivered in the form of a service. In many cases, delivery may be electronic and the source of supply may be remote, but increasingly the term also relates to the provision of physical goods, in situations where title does not pass and charges are related to the benefit received (e.g. based on use, or time, or results achieved).

The study was undertaken because of the very real differences between contracts for tangible goods, compared with those for services. Issues over control, access, reliability and security are among the more obvious questions that arise and should be addressed within contracts. The study sought to understand how organizations are handling this shift in commercial model and what key challenges remain.

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