Webinar - Year-end reality check: It's crunch time for contracts

Published: 08 Nov 2018 Average Rating: 3 / 5 Print

Author: Mark Fowler, Peggy Barber

It's year-end and time to take a reality check during this crunch time for contracts. Effectively overseeing your organizations contracts can be overwhelming, especially as quarter or year-end approaches. The pressure to get deals done is a real challenge, not just of workload, but also the risk of non-compliance, errors and oversights.

The end-of-year or end-of-quarter dash doesn't have to derail your organisation. It's possible to work smarter, more efficiently and more diligently. Lightning-fast automation, policy enforcement and true oversight will help you get the most out of your initiatives without taking on unnecessary risk.

Listen to Conga's Vice President and General Counsel Mark Fowler along with IACCM's Regional CEO Americas and Global General Counsel, Peggy Barber to:

  • learn how to speed up and automate processes with digital transformation;
  • understand the importance of getting contract management right;
  • stop the bottlenecks associated with year-end, short-fused agreements; and
  • make true contract oversight a reality.

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