Legal Technology & Innovation, Middle East 2019

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Author: IACCM

Technology is becoming fully integrated in the practice of law. Law firms and legal departments are beginning to realize the significance of technology to modernize and simplify processes and boost work flow efficiencies. A common problem many lawyers struggle with is the lack of time and know-how to properly evaluate, purchase and implement new technologies in their practices. As per a recent survey, the Middle East's legal sector is lagging on technology due to a lack of awareness as to what tools are available. With clients and technology firms embracing technological innovations, it is crucial that legal entities in the Middle East should not be left behind.

Legal Technology & Innovation Middle East is a one day event, bringing together a community of legal professionals and digital innovators in order to discuss and develop the legal industry of the future. The conference acts as a medium for the promotion of knowledge and the potential application of technology and software supported solutions for Middle East's legal industry. Legal Technology & Innovation Middle East 2019 aims to be your one-stop shop, which showcases the best-of-breed software's and solutions for your firm to adopt.

IACCM members can register by visiting http://www.keynotic.com/LegalTech/ and going to the register page.
There is a special discount code 'IACCM20' available to IACCM members which will avail 20% discount to the standard prices.



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