Why did they do it? Explaining corruption by officials and suppliers in public sector procurement - IACCM APAC Conference 2019

Published: 30 Jul 2019 Average Rating: unrated Print

Author: Ruth Bayley, Managing Director, Bayley & Associates Pty Ltd

We've all read newspaper headlines about officials or suppliers caught behaving corruptly in public procurement processes, and have probably wondered why they did it.
This session presents the results of a study that reviewed data from transcripts of nine NSW ICAC operations. Using qualitative thematic content analysis, the explanations of 45 corrupt public officials and 41 corrupt suppliers were analysed against a range of well-researched theoretical frameworks used to explain corrupt behaviour.
Evidence from the study showed that there is no single dominant explanation for corruption in public procurement processes in NSW.
This suggests that corruption is a complex phenomenon, not easily explained by a single perspective.


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