Webinar - Achieving Compliance in an increasingly complex landscape with AI

Published: 01 Oct 2019 Average Rating: 4.8 / 5 Print

Author: Arthru Raguette, Paul Branch

As global regulations multiply, and as stakeholder expectations increase, organizations are exposed to bigger contract compliance risks than ever before. As per an IACCM survey, contractual non-compliance gaps amount to nearly 40% of total obligations. The same survey shows up to 600% increase in spend management related savings with doubling of contract compliance.

Join Arthur Raguette and Paul Branch for our webinar where you'll learn how to leverage AI powered CLM software in order to meet all the necessary obligations associated with contract management and minimize compliance risk for an organization.

During this webinar you'll learn about:

  • Importance of contract compliance and its management
  • Simplifying regulatory compliance with AI powered CLM
  • Ensuring contract clause compliance with NLP and RPA
  • Safeguarding operational compliance with predictive risk modelling
  • Upholding commercial compliance with real-time risk analysis