IACCM expansion of research portfolio with Global SRN merger

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The International Association for Contract and Commercial Management Inc (IACCM) announces its acquisition of Global SRN LLC.

Founded in 2004, The Global Sourcing Research Network (Global SRN), based in Raleigh, North Carolina, is a member-driven organization of financial services industry executives and scholars. Originally founded at Duke University, Global SRN conducts industry research and facilitates the exchange of market insights through roundtable meetings and webinars on topics spanning governance and vendor management to workforce strategy and automation. Members include Fortune 100 banking, financial services and insurance firms.

Ted Botzom, Founder of Global SRN said “This merger of activities with IACCM is an exciting step forward for the Global SRN Membership. It provides our existing members with immediate access to a larger global and cross-industry network, the extensive survey capabilities and the research reports that IACCM produces, together with direct access to IACCM's thought-leadership.”

Announcing the merger, IACCM CEO Sally Guyer said, “Research is at the heart of IACCM's best practices and guidance to members. With over 15 years of wide-ranging research into commercial practices and relationships, IACCM is the world leader in providing its members with the insights required to navigate today's complicated and changing market and regulatory environments”.

In 2018 IACCM formed an exclusive Research Forum, bringing together a group of organizations from across diverse sectors who could see the benefits of collectively funding forward-looking research into areas of common interest and importance. The acquisition of Global SRN allows IACCM to expand on the existing Research Forum through the creation of a sub-set of industry-focused groups and further increases the IACCM Banking and Financial Services membership and the size of the network that participants can connect to.

Sally continued, “What we are now achieving with the IACCM Research Forum is quite extraordinary. Because of the collective knowledge and expertise that we have developed at IACCM over the last 20 years, together with our extensive connections with academic institutions around the world, we truly are producing unique content.”


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