IACCM Contracting Principles and Standards - using AI technology to drive deal velocity - IACCM Americas Conference 2019

Published: 12 Nov 2019 Average Rating: unrated Print

Author: Paul Branch, COO & CTO, IACCM / Kingsley Martin, President & CEO, KM Standards

The IACCM Contracting Principles provide a set of guidelines to support and streamline the drafting and negotiation of contract clauses. Developed from the top-down by contracting experts and endorsed by the IACCM, the Principles take time to shape and extensive peer review to craft. The complimentary IACCM Contracting Standards are developed from the bottom-up; starting with a huge number of curated, executed agreements, we apply AI technology to identify a 'market norm' - the most common and conformant clauses - within a particular contract type. Then applying the IACCM Design Library and ensuring consistency with the Contracting Principles, we've developed a Conformed Clause Standard that can then be used as the starting point for developing an agreement. Come hear from our experts Kingsley Martin and Paul Branch how the process works to drive consistency into negotiating frameworks and to propel deal velocity.


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