Dispute Resolution Workshop - IACCM Americas Conference 2019

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Author: Noah Hanft, Mediator and Dispute Resolution Advisor; Co-Founder, AcumenADR / Erin Gleason Alvarez, Arbitrator and Mediator, Gleason Alvarez ADR

Stepping in and out of the box - choosing commerce over conflict
Entertaining, stimulating and practical, this interactive workshop will introduce you to a new paradigm in dispute resolution, while providing guidance on the dos and don'ts of clause drafting.
Negotiating skills are important both in the development of a contract and the resolution of disputes. As important is developing the right structure and process as part of your contract so that problems can be identified early and disputes don't derail business and relationships. This interactive session will begin with a candid discussion with in-house veterans as to what goes into making the choice between arbitration and litigation and whether negotiation and mediation should be contractual or not. No one knows when they are negotiating a contract, what's going to going right...and wrong. Yet is it possible and practical to set up a structure that will not only allow for dispute resolution, but dispute prevention? Join this discussion and hear how some companies are exploring doing just that. And finally, after thinking a bit outside the box, let's get right back in the box and learn about the essentials of ADR clauses, along with options to further enhance the streamlining of dispute resolution. The panelists will lead you through an interactive exchange, featuring a series of hypothetical exercises on dispute resolution clauses gone bad, along with practical advice on how to fix them.


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