Ask the Expert: How Open Contracting improves public procurement and state asset sales for more than $10 trillion annually

Published: 07 Feb 2020 Average Rating: unrated Print

Author: Viktor Nesstulia, Oleksii Sobolev, Kathrin Frauscher, Georg Neumann, Sally Guyer

Governments worldwide sign millions of contracts for more than $10 trillion every year. While the market is driven by compliance, exclusiveness, and paper-based processes, there are more and more examples of reforms that show the transformative effects and impact of open contracting on the public procurement market. This is a case study from Ukraine.

We at the Open Contracting Partnership are building a global field of policy and practice to shift the status quo decisively towards openness and engagement in public contracts.

At this webinar, you will find out how open contracting supports systemic reforms worldwide to make public contracting open-by-design, fair and efficient. We will look at an impact story from Ukraine, whose public procurement reforms (ProZorro) have been widely recognized and made more than 4 million contract opportunities available for new and more diverse businesses. Ukraine has also developed the first transparent and open platform for selling public assets (ProZorro.Sale) and opening the sales of state assets, land, NPLs, and privatization to everyone, generating more than 1$ bn in revenues as of today.

We will show how the use of technologies, Open Contracting Data Standard, and close collaboration between public officials, the private sector and civil society helped build a sustainable ecosystem of public procurement and sales in Ukraine. The powerful analytical tools built on open contracting completely changed access to procurement information in the country. We will discuss how this experience could be applied elsewhere.


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