Contracts, Law & Society: The IACCM Symposiums for 2020

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Author: Tim Cummins

Last year's IACCM Academic Symposiums were sell-out events - and this year promises to be no different! There is broad consensus that contract and commercial management are critical competencies for managing and making sense of today's turbulent markets, so driving and disseminating relevant research is of tremendous importance to business and society more generally.

Fundamental issues such as sustainability and social value are rising up the agenda, and must be reconciled with the continuing need for business to generate profit and deliver innovation. These demand the cross-disciplinary perspectives and integration offered by the IACCM Symposiums. These unique events bring together a fascinating array of academics with senior practitioners from business and government. Their highly interactive format enables sharing of the latest research, together with stimulating debate that generates a whole new set of ideas for future investigation.

What can participants expect this year?

Our sessions will address important questions, such as:'

What is the role of contracts, contracting, and the commercial community in delivering balance between the needs of organizations and the needs of society?

How will contracts evolve to meet these needs and what obstacles must be overcome? '

What role is Artificial Intelligence playing in both operational delivery and analytics of contracts?

The 2020 Agenda

This year, we are partnering with three top universities and issuing our call for papers to both academics and practitioners with the umbrella theme of 'Contract & Commercial Management: A Force for Disruption & Change'. Our schedule is:

University of Leeds (UK) – June 23rd

NorthWestern University School of Law (Chicago, US) – October 1st

Queensland University of Technology Business School (Brisbane, Australia) – November 12th

Interested in contributing?

To discover more and view our initial 'Call for Papers', please visit this link. To register your interest or to discuss presenting / submitting a paper (whether as an academic or a practitioner), please contact either Tim Cummins (tcummins @ iaccm.com) or Nevena Jevremovic (njevremovic @ iaccm.com).


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