Thought Leadership: Coronavirus: Business Disruption Escalates - A Research Report on the Impact on World Trade

Published: 06 Apr 2020 Average Rating: 4.8 / 5 Print

Author: Sally Guyer, Tim Cummins

IACCM has worked with its worldwide membership to gather data and this thirty-minute webinar provides insights by geography and by industry, as well as comparing the actions that business is taking in response and - to a growing degree - in anticipation of the new world once recovery begins.

In just the last two weeks, IACCM surveys show that the situation for most industries has considerably worsened. Worldwide, 60% now tell us that contract performance is moderately or severely impacted, compared with just 37% two weeks ago. Across industries, the scale of disruption is uneven. For some - such as Hotels, Entertainment & Leisure, it has been both rapid and cataclysmic. For a few, most notably Technology, it appears to have stabilized. It is also notable that the nature of the disruption varies, as is the case across geographies.


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