Icertis Webinar - Contracts & COVID-19: Managing Contracts in Times of Uncertainty - Recording

Published: 06 May 2020 Average Rating: unrated Print

Author: Sally Guyer, Bernadette Bulacan

For many global enterprises, COVID-19 has exposed how manual, paper-driven contracting processes are painfully insufficient during a crisis. As the virus spreads, companies find themselves in a mad scramble to surface specific details and aggregate knowledge about their world-wide contracts, risks, obligations and entitlements. Who are they doing business with? And on what terms?

While legal counsel have quickly provided solid advice on how to interpret critical clauses, many companies find themselves unprepared to find the contracts necessary to apply this guidance. Conversely, companies that have digitized their contracting processes and deployed an enterprise-wide, AI-infused contract management platform are able to quickly surface critical contract language and prioritize areas of business requiring immediate attention.  

IACCM and Icertis join forces to discuss how artificial intelligence is being deployed to quickly extract data and enable commercial and contract professionals to work more confidently as they respond to COVID-19. 

In the webinar, the panelists will discuss:  

  • Data and insights surfaced from ICM by Icertis data scientists  
  • How companies are taking advantage of newly created CLM data pools    
  • The insights that companies are mining from these data pools with the power of artificial intelligence
  • Best practices to consider now in preparation for future crises and challenges 

Our Experts:

  • Sally Guyer, Global Chief Executive Officer, IACCM​
  • Bernadette Bulacan, Vice President, Legal Evangelist, Icertis

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