Apttus Webinar - Contract Lifecycle Management-The heart of your digital transformation

Published: 13 May 2020 Average Rating: 3.4 / 5 Print

Author: Paul Branch, Alejandro Sintas, Garrett Van Zanten

Contract management is the heart that connects your digital transformation.

Paul Branch from IACCM will moderate a conversation that will reveal the importance of implementing a CLM at the heart of your digital transformation. You'll learn how Amadeus got their billing and incentives to align 100% with contractual obligations while freeing up their team to focus on high-value tasks. Alejandro Sintas, of Amadeus and Garrett Van Zanten, from Apttus, will share how leading organizations can achieve their goals with a modern CLM solution.

In this webinar you'll get the specifics of how Amadeus was able to achieve success in 3 Key Areas:

  1. Improve incentives billing and accuracy & budget process efficiency
  2. Increase revenue from product and services sales & analysis efficiency
  3. Reduce revenue leakage & total cost of ownership

Our Experts

  • ​Paul Branch, COO & CTO, IACCM
  • Alex Sintas, Contract Management Technical Lead, Amadeus IT Group SA
  • Garrett Van Zanten, Senior Corporate Counsel, Apttus

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