Moving Forward - key resources to survive and thrive - IACCM Member update June 2020

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Author: Jennifer Jarrard MEI SRMP Director, Corporate Member Operations, IACCM Council and Community Networks

To help IACCM members move forward, this webinar explores resources and information recently released. Topics include:

Need to know
1. VIBE Summit
2. Staying on TASK in the New Normal
3. Coaching for the New Normal
4. IACCM Council Elections - Vote Now
5. COVID-19 Support. Member-only offer ends 30 June
6. Managing Contracts Virtually - offer ends 26 June

7. Most Negotiated Terms 2020

8. Contracting Excellence Ideas and Issues
9. Adaptive Automation and Talent: Is There a Link?

10. TASK Webinars
11. Virtual Member Meetings
12. Ask the Expert and other Webinars
13. Body Language in Live and Online Negotiations

14. Think Global - Act Local

We are sure there will be specific insights or links where you can prompt members and non-members to be actively engaged.





  1. VIBE Summit - IACCM Conferences Reimagined!


We are delighted to announce the launch of our new global virtual conference – Vibe Summit!


We're facilitating what will be one of the largest global gatherings of IACCM members and partners over four days!


Vibe Summit will take place from 21 – 24 September 2020. And will harness the true power of the virtual world, allowing delegates around the globe to share, learn, network and collaborate.


Whilst we trust that in the not too distant future, we will return to our face-to-face conferences, we are excited in the meantime to bring a fully immersive conference experience to a virtual platform.


An engaging and immersive virtual experience
complete with a virtual exhibition hall, networking rooms,
resource center and live help desk.


At the Vibe Summit, you will be able to:

  • Listen to provocative interviews and inspiring keynotes with live Q&A;
  • Gain certification from live interactive workshops;
  • Join curated networking sessions focused on key networks of interest;
  • Visit our exhibition hall, try out some demos, chat with the booth staff about your organization's challenges;
  • Learn from industry peers through real life case studies on how they are coping with the current business challenges;
  • Join our MASSIVE networking session on the final day allowing more members than ever before to connect;
  • Engage and have fun with lots of gamification around the platform.


Register now to avail of our $50 discounted Earlybird rate!


Or let me know if you would like me to arrange a group booking/single invoice. jjarrard@iaccm.com 


We'll be announcing our first speakers soon - stay tuned and find out more here!


We hope you'll support your team in participating in this valuable IACCM global summit!



  1. Staying on TASK in the New Normal


Tools, Analytics, Skills & Knowledge to equip your team for the new world.


Our newest initiative will provide your team with the tools, analytics, skills and knowledge to “stay on TASK” in the new normal.


Curated content and resources around each theme will be released every 2 weeks!


Our first topic, launched this week, is Remote Work Environment and Balance.


Primarily focused on the individual

  1. Remote Work Environment & Balance - 15th June
  2. Online Communication & Collaboration – 29th June
  3. Job Opportunities & Online Interviewing – 13th July
  4. Keeping Your Network Alive – 27th July
  5. Inspiration in the Face of Change – 10th August
  6. Developing Talent & Building Your Resume – 24th August
  7. How Do You & Your Team Stack Up? – 7th September


Primarily focused on the Organization

  1. Virtual Negotiation – 21st September
  2. Optimizing Contract Terms & Templates – 5th October
  3. Optimizing & Securing the Contract Process – 19th October
  4. Managing Risk & Uncertainty – 2nd November
  5. Managing Hardship & Impossibility – 16th November
  6. Remote Management of Complex Contracts – 30th November


You can access materials before and after a topic launch date so you  can dip in whenever they wish.


The program is free to individual and corporate members. More>>



  1. Coaching for the New Normal


Personalized Process to Achieve Your Full Potential in a Time of Rapid Change and Uncertainty 

We are all having to adapt to new ways of living and working - navigating our way through these uncertain times can be challenging, but help is at hand!


Whether you are facing difficulty with your new remote work environment and struggling to find balance or you need assistance with online communication and collaboration with your teams, our new coaching program will equip you with the skills to thrive in our new normal.


Our Coaches will work with you in a confidential virtual environment to help you achieve your personal and professional goals.




Sue Liburd MBE, Executive Strategist, Sage Blue - ' Finding Your Rhythm in a Remote Work Environment Read More>>.


Professor Seth Oranburg, Duquesne University School of Law - 'Presenting Your Best Self Online Read More>>


IACCM Members can choose to book a one-off session or a package. Open to Individuals and Corporate Members.



  1. IACCM Council Elections – Vote Now


Our virtual world makes networking and community engagement an even more critical element for career development and progression.


As IACCM continues to grow and increase its global influence, we share a commitment to facilitating member engagement at all levels.


The IACCM Council is structured to be truly representative of the membership and to provide greater regional, industry and subject matter representation.


Think Global – Act Local is the theme for ~150 volunteers who have recently nominated for the 2020 round of IACCM Council Elections. (See Section 14 below for list of relevant Community and Geographical Networks)


#CommunityTuesday and Topic specific Member Meetings are just two of the exciting developments you will see with the newly formed council.



I want to take this opportunity to thank those IACCM Council Members who have contributed in the past 18 months and are moving on to other projects. We really appreciate your support


Please remember to vote yourself to support those who are renewing as well as the new nominees.


Remember to encourage your colleagues to vote. Vote Now>> 

(They need to be a member of a Community Network in order to vote in that category).


Elections close midnight UTC 30 June. The fresh list of Council members will be announced on 1 July, 2020


A briefing session for All Council Members will be held on Wednesday 8 July (calendar invite to be sent on 1 July for newly elected members)


Please email me if you have any questions or topics you wish to raise. jjarrard@iaccm.com




  1. COVID-19 Support - Member-only offer ends 30th June


To support professional development within your team and recognize current budget constraints, IACCM has introduced a COVID-19 support package, with two options:


Option 1.  Facilitated Certification Program


Build your credentials and network through participation in an enhanced IACCM professional certification learning program led by Professor Tim Cummins from the University of Leeds and featuring guest academic lecturers from around the world.


This is a unique opportunity to engage with leading academics at no extra cost!  Our regular online training pricing applies.


Option 2.  20% Discount on Selected Learning Programs


For those who wish to study alone and achieve certification, we are offering a 20% discount across the following programs:


  • Contract & Commercial Management – CCM Practitioner and Advanced Practitioner
  • SRM – SRM Practitioner
  • Commercial Awareness for Better Business Outcomes
  • Fundamentals of Contract & Commercial Management


This offer is available for IACCM individual and corporate members until 30th June 2020. More>>



  1. Managing Contracts Virtually - offer extended until 26th June.


The transition required when shifting from working in an office to working at home is not just a matter of clearing the kitchen table.


There needs to be a paradigm shift in approaching how we manage contracts virtually.


To support you in the current Covid-19 crisis, “Managing Contracts Virtually” program is available to IACCM members free of charge until June 26th, 2020.
(normally $180 USD per person).


Program includes:


  • Introduction to Managing Contracts Virtually (Audio)
  • Virtual Work Environments in a Crisis: From Surviving to Thriving (Audio)
  • Virtual Negotiations (Video)
  • Managing Risk & Uncertainty in a Virtual Environment (Video)
  • Finding Your Rhythm in a Virtual Work Environment (Audio)


Use Registration code MCV100    Register>>



New Research


  1. Most Negotiated Terms 2020.


COVID-19 has had dramatic impact – not least upon our contracts. For some, it has been a case of disruption. For others, complete chaos.


A question for many is 'How will our contracts change? Which terms do we need to revise?'


This year's Most Negotiated Terms survey and report will be eagerly awaited for the insights it offers on the emerging focus for negotiations.


As always, it will provide analysis by geography, by industry, for sell-side and buy-side, supporting improved negotiation, planning and the advice you can offer your management.


Is this the year that Force Majeure will knock Limitations of Liability from the top spot?


Will payment terms, data security and termination rights rise up the chart?


And what about increased collaboration – might we see a shift in the nature of governance and risk allocation?


Please encourage your teams to provide input to the survey now. 


We will send you the research report as soon as it is available.





  1. Contracting Excellence Ideas and Issues


Could customers and suppliers redeem us from post-COVID-19's economic crisis?

- J.A. (Joost) van Boeschoten – Principal, Contrasticon, Netherlands


As we pass through the high tide of COVID-19 and its threat to public and private sectors, we wonder -- Can we handle the post-pandemic's fallout?  And yet, opportunities are knocking at our door! This article explores what they are and how to reel them in. Read>>


“IACCM Webinar - Codes Replacing Law” A counterpoint perspective!

- Paul Golding, Director TRG Law


This article explores some counterpoints to a recent IACCM webinar “Codes Replacing Law” and raises questions many lawyers and contract management professionals are asking. Read>>


Diversity Equals Strength

- Sally Guyer & Tim Cummins, IACCM


Silence is not ok and while words are a start, they are not of themselves enough. Inequality in its many forms is deep rooted in our societies and our history and it's going to take more than words to make the changes that human justice demands. Read>>


Why you need to know about TINA, FAR, and ASPR

- Greg Tharp, librarian and researcher


Imagine trying to resolve an inaccurate pricing decision by a contracting officer -- like the cost of steel in a shipbuilding contract – a decision that is stalling the contracting process and putting the business at risk.  What would you do? Read>>


Standardized, industry solutions make contracting easy

- Chase D'agostino, Assoc. VP of Corporate Solutions and Strategic Growth at QuisLex


What is the biggest bottleneck in moving the market to more efficient contract management?

We need to share more information, make things easier and move toward industry standardization – without back peddling to rebuild what is already working well. Read>>


Incoterms® rules 2020 released! Are you prepared for the next century of global trade?


The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has published new Incoterms® rules 2020 explaining buyers' and sellers' responsibilities for delivering goods in the global market. This article defines Incoterms® (international commercial terms) and focuses on current and relevant changes in the rules and how they could impact your enterprise. Read>>


Don't panic! Legal tech is only as great as a great lawyer

- Neil Peretz, General Counsel of Aliya Financial and Contract Wrangler and Josh Levy, Senior Counsel at JE Dunn Construction


Don't assume the role of the in-house attorney is shrinking just because legal technology (legal tech) is here.  In fact, legal wisdom and expertise is needed more than ever! Read>>



Future of arbitration: A world view with an Indian perspective and the need for a new normal life

  • Mohit Khullar Head of Commercial and Contracts with SMEC & Prachika Agarwal, Contract Specialist lawyer


What is the present situation of arbitration in India and steps India should take to keep their arbitration system operating well and open for litigants in spite of the COVID-19 threat?  The world has a long way to go before we get COVID-19 behind us, but no doubt, the technology we will learn to apply in our businesses throughout this threat will become… Read>>



  1. Automation and Talent: Is There a Link?


When looking at the benefits of automation, there tends to be a strong focus on direct and measurable efficiency and economic gains.


There may be mention of a notional side-benefit of 'freeing up people to perform higher-value activities' – though it is more likely that the CFO will have a greater focus on headcount reduction than redeployment. Read>>





  1. TASK Webinars


Tools, Analytics, Skills & Knowledge, curated content and resources around 12 themes, will be released every 2 weeks!


22 June Considering Work Environments Post-COVID: Remote, Hybrid or Going Back to the Office?


29 June Presenting Your Best Self Online



  1. Virtual Member Meetings


Addressing global topics at a local level.


25 June Virtual Member Meeting - Wallisellen, Switzerland

01 July IACCM Member Meeting - Wellington

06 July Virtual Member Meeting - India


Missed a Member Meeting in your region? See recent local recordings and slides>>



  1. Ask the Expert and other Webinars


Register to listen live and ask our guest speakers questions or request a link to listen when convenient to you. i.e. commuting.


17 June Moving Forward - key resources to survive and thrive

18 June Ask the Expert: Planning for Change in 2020 - Continued

23 June Apttus Webinar - Implementing CLM for Automation, Data Quality & Compli...

24 June VIBE Talks - Emergence: Embracing your new balance with Sue Liburd

25 June Ask the Expert: Understanding the Security Implications of Software License...

27 June Brave New Law

02 July Ask the Expert: When the Relationship Breaks Down - Be Prepared

02 July Apttus Webinar - Fundamental Changes We Expect in Contracts and the Legal P...

13 July Ask the Expert: Being Strategic in Times of Chaos



  1. Feature Event


07 July Body Language in Live and Online Negotiations with Keld Jensen & Mark Bowden


When we think we are being most rational, the majority of our biggest decisions are made with some emotional bias.


We all judge the feelings and intentions others have towards us mainly on their nonverbal communication.


If you want to better influence and persuade during negotiations and have an advantage especially via online communications, gaining a better understanding of others' and your own body language will give you that edge, and could save you and bring you way more value.

  • How is body language different from a face to face negotiation to a virtual negotiation?
  • How do you create body language in an email?
  • Learn the behaviour of the 5 different negotiation styles; combat, stalling, concession, compromise, collaborative.
  • How you interact nonverbally in negotiations has a direct and immediate impact on your results. 

More info / register>>





  1. Think Global – Act Local


Think Global – Act Local is the theme for ~150 volunteers who have recently nominated for the 2020 round of IACCM Council Elections.


Providing in-depth knowledge and networking for members of IACCM staff, here are just some of the 42 Community Networks:


Industry Networks

  • Aerospace and Defence
  • Banking, Financial Services and Insurance 
  • Engineering and Construction 
  • Facilities Management 
  • Government & Public Sector 
  • Health Care 
  • Heavy Industry (Mining, Ship Building, Etc.) 
  • Information Technology Network 
  • Legal 
  • Oil & Gas 
  • Telecommunications / ICT 
  • Utilities and Power 


Regional Networks

  • IACCM APAC Community 
  • IACCM NZ Government Network 
  • IACCM NZ Private Sector 



Contract / Commercial Topical Networks


  • Automation & Emerging Technologies 
  • Contract Design - Simplification and Visualization 
  • Contract Performance Management 
  • Contracting Models (Agile, Relational, Performance Based Contracting) 
  • Data Processing / Cybersecurity / Data Privacy 
  • Dispute, Claim and Conflict Management 
  • Distributors & Third Party Channels 
  • Economic Value of Contracting and Contract Management 
  • Governance & Transformation 
  • Innovation in CCM 
  • Modern Slavery 
  • Negotiation 
  • Outsourcing 
  • Public Private Partnerships 
  • Relationship Management 
  • Risk Management 
  • Sustainable Supply Chains Network 


Professional Development / Other Networks

  • Academics 
  • IACCM Español 
  • IACCM Mentoring Program 
  • Leadership 
  • Women in Commercial and Contract Management



Ensuring we always “Act Local”, 37 main geographical areas will have specific IACCM Council representation, including:




  • Nigeria
  • South Africa
  • Africa (as a region)


Central and South America

  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Central America (as a region)
  • South America (as a region)



  • Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg)
  • Central and Eastern Europe (as a region)
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • Western Europe (as a region)


North America

  • Canada - East Coast
  • Canada - West Coast
  • Mexico
  • United States - West Coast
  • United States - California
  • United States - Texas
  • United States - Central
  • United States - East Coast
  • United States - Massachusetts
  • United States - New York/New Jersey


Middle East and India

  • Middle East (as a region)
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates
  • India



  • New Zealand
  • NSW and ACT
  • South Australia
  • Queensland
  • Victoria
  • Malaysia
  • Southern and Eastern Asia (as a region)



This is your opportunity to vote for the individuals who you believe are best placed to represent your interests. Vote Now>>



As always, we hope you found this update valuable. Please do share relevant items with your community networks and colleagues, prompting them to act/fully utilize resources available to them.


Please email me if you have any questions, ideas, topics you would like us to cover in an upcoming event or research.


In the meantime, let me know if you need any additional information.


Kind regards from Melbourne, Australia






Jennifer Jarrard MEI SRMP


Director, Corporate Member Operations, IACCM Council / Community Networks


+61 (0)407 541 497 | jjarrard@iaccm.com


Current TASK support for Members: Remote Work Environment & Balance https://www.iaccm.com/task/remote-work-environment-balance/







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