Ask the Expert: Addressing the Disaster of Contract Systems

Published: 20 Jul 2020 Average Rating: 4.5 / 5 Print

Author: Tim Cummins, Mark Harris

COVID-19 - and the economic fallout ahead - created an urgent need for companies to understand what they've agreed to across their contracts at an unprecedented scale. Surely legal tech - and, in particular, contract management software - must have proved a massive advantage? Not according to Mark Harris, CEO of Knowable, who in an open letter to General Counsel described the contracting functions of most large companies as 'an unmitigated disaster' and has concerns about the way existing technologies are currently marketed and deployed.

Perhaps part of the problem is the prism of 'legaltech' itself, which fails to recognize that contracts are core business assets with implications, stakeholders and business value that extends well beyond the law department. Join us as Mark Harris and Tim Cummins engage in a lively discussion over why so many contract management investments have failed to deliver the expected results - and what can be done to deliver necessary transformation through technology.


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