Ask the Expert: Building Trust From the Beginning

Published: 14 Aug 2020 Average Rating: unrated Print

Author: J. Kim Wright, Jacqueline Horani

A Values-Based Approach to Contracts

How cool would it be to write contracts that clients easily understand and love reading-and that you love co-creating?

Sometimes called collaborative contracts or by the brand name of Conscious Contracts (R), these contracts grow from a relational foundation that makes the agreement more sustainable and agile. Already being used in several countries to form leases, shareholder agreements, partnerships, and employment agreements, this model offers a paradigm shift to how we approach the contracts process. Instead of starting with the negotiation of deal points within an inherently adversarial model, value-based contracts use a client-centred design focused on the relationship between the parties and why they are choosing to sign an agreement together. With a plain-language approach that sets out clear expectations, roles, and personal accountability, values-based contracts result in greater buy-in, follow-through, and reduce the risk of litigation. Learn to have more fun with contracts and how legal design, visual graphics, and comic contracts intersect with this movement toward user-friendly values-based agreements!


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