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This is the recording of the June 2006 Webcast: Managing Financial, Control and Compliance Risks Your company makes contractual commitments every day. And you probably have little visibility into what they are, who made them or what their implications might be. Broken or sub-optimal contract administration practices pose unnecessary financial, control and compliance risks to an organization. Poor contract administration also results in an increase in cost base as well as lost opportunity costs. Join IACCM, Hackett Group and I-many in this free Webcast and find out how leading practices can provide an effective means for organizations to manage these risks and help protect the organization's assets and earnings. HEAR FROM THE HACKETT GROUP Bill Marchionni, Senior Business Advisor in The Hackett Group's Finance Executive Advisory Program will review: - the types of risk inherent in a fragmented or poorly designed contract administration process - practices that can be used to mitigate contract administration issues - benefits to be derived from a comprehensive approach to contract management Find out how top corporations are addressing the weaknesses in their contracting practices and achieving the right balance between control and empowerment. Presenters: Tim Cummins, President & CEO, IACCM, Bill Marchionni, Senior Business Advisor, Kirk Krape, Executive Vice President Worldwide Markets - Imany

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