Ask The Expert - Managing Risk and Reputation in Employment Contracts with Personal Vetting

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This call is for Employers and Employees wishing to verify proof of employability integrity and reduce risks of fraud, illegal employment and contract risk, and will review the benefits of the new Baseline Personnel Security Standard.

BPSS is an employee vetting standard covering employability checks for anyone who is working or may work in jobs and sectors which involve access to sensitive OR confidential information, OR personal OR financial data, OR government projects, OR vulnerable persons such as the young, elderly, sick OR disabled. It prevents reputational risks.

The event will review how the standard improves checking the integrity of the employee CV, qualifications, skills, immigration and residency status, trustworthiness, employment references, and criminal records. This enhances employability for candidates and recruiters.

Employers will understand how to avoid the pitfalls related to employing persons who may have undisclosed risks, and learn how to check current employees in responsible positions. Employees will understand how to provide proof of their integrity and employability for current or new positions of responsibility.

Participants will reduce risks related to employment, the highest cost to their bottom line.

See the BPSS document http://www.iaccm.com/loggedin/library/nonphp/Baseline_Personnel_Security_Standard_version_1july2006.pdf

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