IACCM Thought Leadership Webinar _ How the Leaders are Driving Value Through Strategic Supplier Relationships - Recording

Published: 20 Dec 2010 Average Rating: unrated Print

An IACCM supported global survey of supplier relationship management (SRM) practices among more than 300 organisations recently found that, despite many challenges, ‘leaders’ in this area are already delivering significant business value with their strategic suppliers through their SRM programmes. In this webinar, Tim Cummins and Paul Mallory (from IACCM) will discuss the key findings of the research with Geraint John and Nicola Greenwood (Consultants at State of Flux) and consider the outlook for more collaborative trading relationships during 2011. 

Key topics include:

  • What SRM is (and is not)
  • Where SRM is delivering value in the form of both hard numbers and softer benefits
  • Major challenges, internally and with suppliers
  • The key enablers of SRM: support and engagement, governance/process, skills and competencies, and systems/tools
  • The characteristics of high-performing collaborative relationships

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