ATE - Negotiating with Procurement

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This interactive webinar will introduce negotiation advice for dealing with the many challenges sales professionals face when negotiating with procurement. An overview of a systematic framework for improving customer negotiation results and building better customer relationships will be shared.

Topics will include:

  • Highlights of global research on customer-supplier negotiation
  • How to assess and understand the goals, constraints and negotiation strategies of sourcing and procurement counterparts
  • How to uncover, develop and constructively employ multiple sources of negotiation leverage
  • How to diagnose and effectively respond to difficult tactics from negotiation counterparts in procurement

Our Expert:

Jonathan Hughes - Partner

Jonathan Hughes is a partner at Vantage Partners (a spin-off of the Harvard Negotiation Project), and an expert in supply chain management, strategic alliances, negotiation, and organizational transformation. He has worked with leading companies and state owned enterprises across a range of industries in North and South America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Australia, and Africa, with particular focus on developing and implementing new strategies that leverage enhanced collaboration - across internal organizational boundaries, and with external business partners. Jonathan's experience includes deep transformational work at both an enterprise and functional level, with a focus on sourcing, procurement, and supply chain management organizations.

Mr. Hughes is the lead author of the chapter on Negotiation Systems and Strategies published in the 2008 International Contracts Manual, as well as the chapter entitled "From Individual Competence to Organizational Capability: Leveraging Insights from Organizational Learning to Improve Negotiated Results" in The Psychology of Negotiations in the 21st Century Workplace: New Challenges and New Solutions. Jonathan has had multiple articles published in both the Harvard Business Review and in CPO Agenda, as well as articles in Supply Chain Management Review, Global Business and Organizational Excellence, Journal of Strategic Alliances, Supply Chain Asia Magazine, Inside Supply Management, CIO Magazine, The Journal of Trading Partner Practices, Supply Chain Strategy, and The Outsourcing Journal. He is also a frequent keynote speaker on strategic alliances, negotiation, and supply chain management.

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