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Author: IACCM

In this IACCM Thought Leadership webinar, IACCM's CEO, Tim Cummins, discusses how benchmarks can be used at three quite distinct levels - to drive general improvement relative to past performance, check competitiveness by comparison with others, and achieve transformation by setting a vision or goal and benchmarking progress towards it.IACCM research shows that many of today's benchmarking clauses are in the contract due to habit, rather than with any specific purpose. Frequently they have little correlation to key performance indicators or business priorities; typically, they are designed to provide leverage over the supplier, rather than being a statement of shared goals and value.Benchmarking today is often ineffective and just another source of contention. Yet used properly, it could be so different. A shared benchmark could provide the basis for joint working and problem solving. Benchmarks that focus on achievable data can provide an objective insight to performance. For high quality suppliers, they can illustrate the benefits of their offerings or services relative to competition.Join us for this one-hour webinar to learn practical approaches to applying benchmarks in your contracting process.


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