Thought Leadership - Negotiating Today: forget the theory and deal with reality

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Whether it is Getting to Yes, Getting to We, or just plain Win-win, the reality for many negotiators is quite different from the theory. They face internal barriers, lack of planning, positional counter-parties and a fragmented process, all of which undermine potential results.Given the complexity of business today, is it unrealistic to expect more? Is negotiation inevitably focused on protecting interests rather than enabling opportunities? This webinar brings together two veteran negotiators who will share their insights and experiences, both as deal makers and as Corporate executives charged with building organizational capability,The program will also offer insights to the forthcoming Global Summit on Negotiation and Trust, the world's first forum that combines these two critical elements of business performance. Steve Huhn Steve Huhn has had a long career in Information Technology having worked for IBM for 25 years and Hewlett Packard for 13 more before retiring to a consulting practice in 2013.  Steve is a lawyer by training, and worked as IBM internal counsel for the early part of his career.  Steve was the first General Counsel of IBM's Global Services and was instrumental in the formation and early successes of that business. Steve shifted from legal to the business side of IBM in 1995, creating and leading the Contracts and Negotiations group at IBM which played a key role in IBM's successful growth of the services business.At HP, Steve held a variety of key positions in HP's services business, including VP of Sales for HP Services.  He helped lead the growth of HP's services business from $250M to over $6B in annual sales by the time of HP's acquisition of EDS.  Following that merger, Steve assumed the role of VP, Global Strategic Sales Leader for HP Enterprise Services. Throughout his career, Steve led or actively managed well over 100 complex services transactions valued in excess of $75B in revenue, closing deals on five different continents.  In addition to his role as deal leader, Steve has led numerous restructuring efforts for IBM and HP, with a focus on extracting 'lessons learned' and applying those lessons to deliver improved outcomes for all parties to the transaction.Since leaving HP, Steve has formed Stephen Huhn Associates, LLC and is consulting with a number of firms on a variety of transactions.  His capabilities include deal-making, strategic selling, negotiations, contracting and relationship management.  In addition to deal support he provides coaching and training to firms engaged in those activities.Steve and Tim are also presenting at the Global Summit on Negotiation & Trust being hosted by Thunderbird from November 8th-10th in Phoenix, Arizona. (IACCM member discounts apply)


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