UK Government Cabinet Office Partners with IACCM for New Commercial Course for Leaders

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Civil Service Learning, supported by The Cabinet Office, Capita and IACCM, have developed a new course specifically for Leaders within the Public Sector.

The course is structured around commercial approaches and judgement as applied to relationships with 3rd parties within the Public Sector.

Today's challenging economic conditions have put commercial skills high on the Government agenda. Civil servants operate in a fast-changing environment that demands new delivery models, increasingly strategic supply relationships and heightened business judgement. The Commercial Skills for Leaders training program is launched today by Civil Service Learning in partnership with IACCM.  

The course is designed for leaders in the Public Sector, to inspire commercial thinking and judgement in the selection and management of external relationships.

Tim Cummins, CEO at IACCM said: 'Commercialism is at the heart of any successful business relationship and many organisations today are struggling to develop required commercial skills. The UK Government is among the first in the world to make serious investment in raising the quality of senior level commercial decision-making – and to appreciate the impacts this can have on the outcome of key projects. We are confident that this programme will deliver results through pro-actively managing risk and reducing contract value leakage.'

Bill Crothers, Director General, Commercial and Chief Procurement Officer from Cabinet Office noted 'Raising commercial skills in Government is one of our key priorities, and fundamental in supporting Civil Service Reform. We are delighted to launch this Civil Service Learning course that supports Senior Civil Servants in their task to ensure value for money for hardworking taxpayers. IACCM's commercial contracting experience is very welcome and we believe this course will prove an extremely important part of our drive to deliver the key elements of the Civil Service Capabilities Plan.'


The course covers the following:

  • How to use commercial skills to influence, interpret and deliver Government and State Policy and direction;
  • Which commercial strategies and subsequent relationships have the most positive impacts on successful outcomes?
  • Approaches to a contracting and relationship culture which drives both parties to deliver within a commercial environment;
  • Understanding suppliers – and their commercial strengths and weaknesses;
  • Balancing the need for long-term investment and stability with the reality of short-term technical innovation and change;
  • Adopting commercial practices that drive and deliver real capability change within teams; and
  • The primary sources of value leakage from contracts and how to address them.


The course is supported by strong visual aids and a key booklet on the latest Government guidance.


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