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Since our global economy depends heavily on information technology, healthy competition within the public sector is critically important. But can we keep it that way?

The UK's Office of Fair Trading (OFT) – essentially the competition watchdog – is trying to understand the current state of competition, especially with regard to the public sector.

IACCM is supporting this study because we believe in the merits of competition, but we frequently observe actions by both buyers and sellers that are damaging to it. Opportunities to explore and promote 'good practices' are therefore important and we encourage your participation in the survey.

The OFT's questionnaires (below) cover off-the-shelf software and IT outsourcing. The agency wants to hear from both customers and suppliers in all countries with perspectives on this topic and they seek comments about the experiences of private sector buyers. 

  • Please send your written feedback to the OFT by December 20, 2013! Just click My response to OFT market study.  Scroll down a bit, read abut the study performed in October and follow the prompts.
  • Your voice counts.

To contact IACCM, please mail your question to Info IACCM  or connect using the IACCM Member Search (login required).


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