The Real Reason Negotiating Fails

Published: 05 Mar 2014 Average Rating: 4.3 / 5 Print

Author: Lisa Earle McLeod

Three hidden reasons why traditional negotiation techniques destroy trust and erode value.

Negotiating is often the lynchpin of the buyer/seller relationship. But what are the consequences beyond the contract?

Lisa Earle McLeod, author of the bestselling book, Selling with Noble Purpose, reveals surprising information about what works and what doesn't work, in the buyer/seller relationship. You'll learn:
Why senior leadership often unknowingly erodes value.
Which techniques destroy trust and value, and which techniques enhance them
Why discussing price too early stifles innovation (on both sides)
How the buyer/seller relationship effects employee morale and turnover
Strategies for creating high value relationships in the very first meeting
How to turn around previously negative buyer/seller relationships

Our Expert: Lisa McLeod
Lisa Earle McLeod is a sales leadership consultant whose clients include Apple, Kimbelry-Clark and Pfizer. She is the author of four best-selling books including Selling with Noble Purpose and The Triangle of Truth.


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