Taking Front-Line Empowerment One Step Further By Establishing Commercial Norms - EU Forum 2014

Published: 24 Jun 2014 Average Rating: unrated Print

Author: Jette Valentin Winberg, Country Counsel Denmark, Hewlett-Packard Co

Jette Valentin Winberg Presentation to the IACCM European Forum June 2014 around Establishing Commercial Norms.

Contracting and Legal professionals increasingly recognize that having standard legal contract templates isn't enough for the business. One approach to empower your front line attorneys and negotiators one step further is by creating a framework of commercial norms; explaining all the company's key positions and fall-backs to allow front-line team members a range within which they can negotiate. This approach is typically warmly welcomed by the business and effectively results in exception management by your central legal contracting professionals. In this case study, learn about the making the business case, drawbacks, requirements, change management and development process of a commercial norms framework. Identify if this approach could work for you too!


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