IACCM SRM Certification - why people love it

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We asked several graduates of the IACCM Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) Certification Program what they thought of the program. Here's what they had to say.

“A perfect next step for me”

Chris Lagoe, Contract Consultant, Kelly Services, Inc., Troy, Michigan

“I was extremely enthusiastic that there was a certification program in supplier relationship management, as several of my years in the staffing industry were heavily focused on managing and maintaining a successful supply base.  I wanted to enhance my skills in SRM and be able to bring that expertise back to my company - and assist with accelerating the contract management process with our supply base. 

So this was a perfect next step in the IACCM certification process for me, after completing the contract management certification.

The modules were succinct and to the point, covered a lot of material in a short amount of time.  The case study at the end of the course gave an opportunity to tie in all of the materials used in a real-life example. IACCM delivered on this course.

My industry is staffing, outsourcing and consulting, so drawing parallels from other industries has been extremely useful.

The networking aspect was excellent. I really enjoyed being able to network and have small scale discussions with peers from other organizations. It was extremely useful for me to be able to interact with peers dealing with similar supplier management issues across multiple industries (for instance oil and gas) and bring back that knowledge and best practices to assist with our supply base management.

The ongoing discussion board postings and resources have been very helpful.”

“The professional SRM accreditation delivers”

James Doran, Director, Apple Procurement Ltd, Croydon, UK

“I chose this course because it was clear the profile of SRM was gaining momentum in terms of interest and job roles within the world of procurement and commercial professionals.

It was important to obtain a better understanding SRM, and crucially obtain an accreditation, to compliment other professional qualifications I already have. IACCM is still one of the few recognized SRM accreditations.

As a career interim, the IACCM SRM professional accreditation differentiates me from other candidates in the market and gives potential clients the added assurance that I can successfully deliver projects. My clients need the assurance that a project implementation, whether contract management or SRM, is not merely a bolt-on, but is developed with a full understanding and appreciation of other areas of the business.

The professional SRM accreditation delivers in fully aligning SRM with the rest of the organization. It has given me a structure to deliver projects and access to a huge library of supporting documents that can be used to develop business case evidence or training modules.

The remote learning also allows me, in my own time, to grow my knowledge as I continue my membership.”

“I give the course a grade of A+”

Monty Boyle, BP, Common Process Deployment Specialist, Houston, TX

“I always had a desire to enhance my capabilities and skills in Supplier Relationship Management (SRM).  When IACCM began offering the SRM course, I did not hesitate one moment to sign-up for it as a result of my career objectives and the excellent past experience I have had with IACCM courses. I give the course a grade of A+.  Thank you IACCM, I would highly recommend the course to anyone.”

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