Beyond Signatures: Streamlining Contract Management - Recording and slides

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Author: IACCM & Rpost

The thought leadership webinar "Beyond Signatures" identified best practices and needs among IACCM members, when considering methods of bringing greater efficiency and modernization to lower value, higher volume agreements - bypassing international legal considerations associated with e-signature use.

Best practice companies are grasping the opportunity to eliminate risks while gaining speed through improved contract processes. Contract and legal groups are under pressure to increase efficiency and shorten turn-around times. Yet they must achieve these improvements within acceptable levels of risk.

Together, we identified that many of the IACCM members would be interested in sending the following by Registered Email message, for legal proof of delivery, content, and time; sending from their Microsoft Outlook desktop program, or directly from CLM systems.

1. Change order requests on master agreements
2. Change in pricing/terms pursuant to agreement notice provisions.
3. TOBAs (Terms of Business Agreements)


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