IACCM takes a lead on cost-saving 'green' contracting

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IACCM has partnered with EMEX, to help teach businesses how to cut energy consumption - and save costs - through what is often called, 'green' contracting.

Tim Cummins, IACCM's CEO, will be speaking on performance-based energy contracts at the annual Energy Management Exhibition (EMEX) at ExCeL London Exhibition and Convention Centre. The event takes place from 10 am to 5 pm on 19 and 20 November.  

Organized in partnership with the Energy Managers Association (EMA), EMEX will educate visitors and provide them a major opportunity to meet and talk to companies that have developed the best solutions to reducing energy costs.

Tim's topic - The challenges and opportunities of long-term, performance-based contracts: lessons from other sectors - addresses an interesting peculiarity: Although contracting practitioners are talking extensively about long-term energy performance contracts, why do so few exist in the energy sector?

Tim will explain the potential benefits flowing from a rational approach, the practical barriers to wider adoption and the practical contracting approaches for suppliers, particularly those in other sectors.

Lord Rupert Redesdale, CEO of Energy Managers Association (EMA), will summarize the challenges and opportunities in the energy efficiency sector. These include:

  • a €60billion shortfall in EU's energy efficiency funding;
  • continued innovative thinking around technical solutions; and
  • management techniques, funding and contracting models that present a business opportunity and are good for the planet.

The EMA was set up by Lord Redesdale in June 2012 to act as the voice of the Energy Management profession. The EMA aims to:

  1. Improve the standing of the energy management profession and those working within it.
  2. Establish best-practice in energy management.
  3. Put energy management at the heart of British business.

The EMA works closely with DECC, DEFRA and BIS to ensure that the future energy savings policy actually works beyond a paper program. 

Smart energy solutions work for your pocketbook!

Case studies show that the right solutions streamline consumption and boost profits.   Here are two of several case studies to be featured at the event:

  1. Skanska implemented a 1.4 million 'green retrofit' energy performance contract
  2. Peterborough City Council – saving through energy

For event details, visit http://www.emexlondon.com.  Registration is free to attend 80+ training sessions and meet with 100+ suppliers.