IACCM's Tim Cummins and Jim Bergman to be lead judges at G20 Economic Summit

Published: 01 Oct 2014 Average Rating: 5 / 5 Print
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This year's G20 Economic Summit in Brisbane, Australia, will see IACCM'sTim Cummins ( CEO) and Jim Bergman (Regional Vice-President, Australia, Asia and Middle East), contributing as lead judges in the G20 Global Business Challenge.

Winning submissions for this multidisciplinary graduate school business case competition, organized by Queensland University of Technology (QUT), will be announced during the event, to be held 14 and 15 November in the Convention & Exhibition Centre, Brisbane.  Up to 4,000 delegates are expected to attend with around 2,500 media representatives. 

Tim and Jim will lead their assigned judging panels in evaluating submissions from seven of the 40 teams, representing the 19 countries participating in this inaugural year of this competition. The submissions focus on solving a global problem – an economic solution to the world's demand for potable drinking water.

The G20 Global Business Challenge is already one of the largest competitions of its type in the world – and this year's competition will serve as a great springboard for growing the competition further over the next six years of current committed funding.

The early rounds of the judging process involve 42 globally distributed judges in six competition pools. The winning team from each pool will go forward to compete in the finals in Brisbane.

IACCM looks forward to making this a great success and collaborating with QUT's director of the G20 Global Business Challenge, Dr Peter Beven, at future G20 Economic Summits across the globe.

Jim Bergman commented: “We are honored by this opportunity, and confident that the insights we can both bring to and take away from this experience will benefit competition participants and IACCM members alike. Innovative commercial solutions are at the core of IACCM's mission and vision, and we are very pleased that IACCM can contribute value to the G20 Economic Summit.”

IACCM wishes all the competing teams the best of success with their submissions.