The IACCM Innovation Awards finalists are announced

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Author: Carina Kuhl, VP Marketing & Events, IACCM

Selecting from 81 valid entries from organizations large and small, public and private, including many of the world's top brands, IACCM has announced the finalists of the 2014 IACCM Innovation Awards - individuals and teams who are raising the profile of contract and commercial capability within their organizations.

The winners in each category will be announced during the awards ceremony at the IACCM Americas Conference, on October 14th in Chicago.

In the Personal Initiative Award category, we recognize Andrew Sprey, director of contracts and commercial management at CSC as the lead architect of the Profit Leakage Reduction Program. Martinne Heckscher's case study, as lead contract manager of IBM's business transformation consultancy arm in the Nordics, focused on Delivery Excellence for troubled and new complex deals, especially during the first 45-90 days after project launch. Lalit Kumar, Head of Legal Services at Practicus, spearheaded the development of new contracts foused on clarity, day-to-day collaboration and ease of doing business.

Within the Operational Improvement Award Category, Dr Bruce McLennan achieved a 25% improvement in the subcontract tendering process through relational contracting practices for warships repair and maintenance at the Australian Defence Organisation. IBM created a new contract, the Cloud Services Agreement (CSA), to simplify the cloud negotiation and contracting process focusing on clear, understandable language – without containing cross references or hyperlinks. NetApp's submission features the “Managing Deal and Contract Risk Cleverly” (MDCRC) model and supporting tools for proactive and consistent analysis and mitigation of deal risk. Aine Lyons and the VMware Worldwide Legal Operations Team were nominated by LPO partner Quislex featuring their three-year-long contract optimization transformation.

Outstanding Service Provider Finalists' case studies focus on CSC and Zurich Insurance putting contract compliance to the test through their automated obligation management systems, with a reduction of un-affirmed obligations from 125 to zero within the first 2-3 months of the project. Clutch Group created a rule-based extraction engine for a major bank to ascertain derivative-based agreement regulatory compliance with 97% accuracy. And Quislex relays the successful creation, implementation and management of Tyco's global FCPA compliance program in 70 countries

In the Strategic Direction Award Category, the Australian Tax Office embarked on its PTP transformation journey 18 months ago to establish the right strategic sourcing and contract management capability as part of an organization-wide effort to “Reinvent the ATO,” aiming to achieve agile and true innovation through (segmented) supplier relationships. ConocoPhillips tackled challenges in employee development, engagement and retention through a comprehensive program addressing knowledge management, effective global collaboration and communication, knowledge transfer from experienced to early and mid-career employees through mentoring and a comprehensive supply chain competencies course curriculum. SAP designed CMS Enterprise Analytics – a sustainable, real-time contract dashboard to manage all data for complex projects in a single repository. The analytics tool is easy and intuitive in use and provides simple, smart and seamless access to the big picture as well as granular details, for all CMS end-users across all lines of businesses including Global Ecosystem, Global Procurement Organization, Field Legal, Contracting Department, Sales and all Management levels.

Listen to the recording of finalists in the Outstanding Service Provider Award category outlining their case study submissions (featuring CSC/Zurich Insurance, Clutch and Quislex/Tyco) here: http://www.iaccm.com/resources/?id=7829&src=TheIACCMInnovationAwardsV1

Listen to the recording of finalists' case studies in the personal initiative and operational improvement categories (featuring CSC, IBM, Practicus, Australian Defence Organisation, NetApp and VMware Worldwide) here: https://www.iaccm.com/resources/?id=7840&cb=1411478805&

IACCM's Contracting Excellence eZine will feature an Innovation Award supplement in the November/December edition, providing detailed case studies of finalists and honorable mentions.