"This training will be my new bible"

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IACCM got 'thumbs up' reviews from those who participated in IACCM's training event for contract and supplier management professionals at Sonangol Pesquisa & Producao in Angola. Training consisted of three, week-long sessions from July 14 - August 1.

Left to right: Nelson Barros, Head of Contracts Department; Marius Lotter, Senior Contracts Adviser; Martin Chalkley, IACCM trainer; and Carlos Cortez, Purchasing and Logistics Manager (Director de Compras e Logística).

IACCM trainer Martin Chalkley, described the energy and enthusiasm participants poured into their learning experience as very impressive: “They told me they were inspired to listen, learn, and just do it!,” he said.

Carlos Cortez and Marius Lotter assisted in implementing Sonangol P&P's commercial contracting (CCM) & strategic sourcing (SRM) training and development programs, and developing the company's e-learning portals.

Marius, who was appointed facilitator and IACCM training programme administrator for the IACCM training initiative at their organization, commented: “The IACCM training and development programs were endorsed at CEO and board level. We have around 60 students attending IACCM's certification and development programme and we hope that every student will achieve IACCM certification.”

“We aim to motivate our colleagues to keep learning and achieve IACCM's top accolade, become experts in their respective fields and obtain CCME accreditation.  We believe IACCM's learning and development programmes will provide Sonangol P&P with a sound basis to administer all SCM contracts and procurement activities in a structured internationally recognised process and in accordance with current contracting best practices.”

The event is the first in a series IACCM will present to the oil and gas organization, a subsidiary of Sonangol EP, continuing throughout 2015 and tracking with IACCM's learning module structure for the SRM and CCM programs.

In three groups of between 8 and 14, participants learned about IACCM's best practice approaches to both contract management (CM) and supplier relationship management and strategic sourcing (SRM).

“This training was an opportunity to enhance their understanding and knowledge of business processes, and drive their capability forward within the Angolan community and throughout the oil industry within that region,” Martin said.

Martin designed collaborative group sessions and exercises to take participants beyond subject theory, developing personal styles, understanding self-assessments, improving negotiating skills – and thinking beyond their present limits.

Participants explored how to…

  • design a communications and stakeholder management plan for implementing SRM;
  • drive and enhance collaborative SRM between customer and supplier;
  • measure and manage the supply chain;
  • prioritize the objectives of a contracting approach;
  • evaluate sourcing approaches to contracting, and more.

A few quotes from attendees…

  • “I feel that you have given us a shower of hope” - Edivaldo
  • “Unlike most consultants, you have not just come here to do a job but you care about our company” - Edivaldo and Norberto
  • “We can make small changes to our environment without the need for high level authorisation and many small changes is a big change” - Ana
  • “This week [of training] will be my new bible” - Garcia

Martin Chalkley, is an independent consultant specialising in contract management and supplier relationship management training, and public sector (UK) IT sourcing approaches.



Sonangol Pesquisa e Produção, SARL prospects, explores, and produces oil and gas. Founded in 1991, the company operates as a subsidiary of Sonangol EP.