Finding the Right Contract Management System

Published: 23 Oct 2014 Average Rating: unrated Print

Author: Tony Signorelli

One of the most confusing aspects of selecting a contract management system is the variety of solutions to choose from. Perhaps you've been to the websites, read the sales pitches, and poured through the testimonials, but none
of that really helped you sort it out. One list of features and benefits sounded a lot like the other. How do you make sense of it all so you can focus on the best options for your company? That's precisely what this white paper helps you understand. After all, you don't need to be an expert on all the systems out there; you need to
find and select the one system that is right for your company.

Although there are dozens of options and different kinds of systems available, a headto-head comparison between most of them is impossible. It's not even comparing apples to oranges but rather, apples to hamburgers. Many
systems are categorically different and therefore, not comparable at all. It is these differences that usually cause all the confusion. When you understand the categories, three-quarters of the work is done.

Essentially, contract management systems fall into one of five categories:
1. Internally built systems
2. IT built, internally developed systems
3. ERP integrated systems
4. Vendor built, installed systems
5. Vendor built, web-based systems


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