Free on-line business relationships course opportunity starts April 27

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Author: IACCM

Learn to build business relationships and manage contracts successfully with a no-cost online course starting April 27, 2015. This is your free opportunity to learn alongside contract professionals worldwide!

“If you're not in control of your contracts, you're not in control of your business,” says Kai Jacob, Vice Chairman IACCM Board of Directors, one of many advocates of this course featured on this short video. This three-week free-to-join course, Contract Management: Building Relationships in Business, is part of a “massive” scale learning opportunity being offered globally as a result of IACCM's partnership with the UK government and Southampton University, and is being co-delivered by IACCM's CEO Tim Cummins.

Your chance to raise contract and commercial awareness with colleagues in sales, finance, project management, this course builds on the common pitfalls in contract management to build appreciation for the value of good contracting. Sponsors include the UK Crown Commercial Service and Civil Service Learning and it is being co-delivered by Douglas Macbeth, Professor of Purchasing and Supply Management, Southampton University.

You'll spend 3 hours per week for 3 weeks total duration. This is an excellent opportunity to gain continuing education.  Offering unlimited participation and open access via the web, the course has been designed with the busy person in mind.

If you want to better understand...

  • what is involved in commercial business relationships;
  • the process of managing contractual agreements, particularly in the public, private and third sectors; and
  • hear presentations and discuss your own ideas with practitioners from public and private sector organizations around the world.

...this course is for you!

For more information and how to join click here

Though the course is freely available to all, it supports IACCM's commercial leadership training work with the UK government. It is being offered via Future Learn's “massive social learning platform,” part of the UK's Open University. The Future Learn platform provides interactive user forums and is shared by many of the best universities from the UK, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. There are one million learners worldwide.

Contract Management: Building Relationships in Business” is structured in three weekly modules:

  • Relationship fundamentals - exploring what can go right or wrong in relationships; the rules governing public and private sector procurement; and to make sure what you buy (or sell) is what you and your customer/client really needs.
  • Relationship complexities – looking at complex supply chains and networks involved in many contracts, how to manage interdependencies and the needs of multiple stakeholders.
  • What does this mean to you? The final part brings these ideas together, using an example scenario (the challenge of building your own house) to put theory into practice.

For more information about this free-to-access course go to: https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/contract-management