Ask the Expert - Build your playbook for managing transactions

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Author: Paul Humbert

This Ask the Expert webinar with our expert, X. Paul Humbert, will explain how to overcome the gap between the theory of supply chain management and its actual application in a contracting or commercial context. He will describe a clear process for engaging in sound supply chain transactions in a manner best suited to your organization's unique needs.

This webinar is based on Humbert's latest book, 'Playbook', where the authors offer a disciplined 49 step pathway for building or improving an organization's supply chain transactions while managing risk and upholding the integrity of the contractual relationship. How well those transactions are entered into, as well as managed, is a critical but often overlooked risk management function.

As so aptly stated in the Foreword written by Dr. Darren Prokop, Professor of Logistics at the College of Business and Public Policy - University of Alaska Anchorage:
'Humbert and Mastice understand that supply and demand chains are not just linkages through which inputs and finished goods move to their ultimate customer; rather, they are means by which people meet, negotiate and contract with each other.'

Our Expert:

Paul Humbert, Esq. is the President of The Humbert Group, LLC and has over twenty years of business and legal experience in negotiating, structuring and managing complex commercial transactions and assisting clients in improving their procurement process.

Mr. Humbert has served as an adjunct professor at both Seton Hall Law School and Monmouth College teaching legal and business courses. He is a part-time lecturer at the Rutgers University Graduate School of Business where he teaches negotiation and contract management techniques to MBA candidates.


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