WIPO Intellectual Property Handbook

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Author: WIPO (2004)

The mission of WIPO is to promote through international cooperation the creation,
dissemination, use and protection of works of the human mind for the economic, cultural and social
progress of all mankind. Its effect is to contribute to a balance between the stimulation of creativity
worldwide, by sufficiently protecting the moral and material interests of creators on the one hand,
and providing access to the socio-economic and cultural benefits of such creativity worldwide on
the other.

The Convention establishing WIPO declares that membership shall be open to any State that
is a member of any of the Unions, and to any State which is not a member of any of the Unions,
provided that it is a member of the United Nations, of any of the specialized agencies of the United
Nations or of the International Atomic Energy Agency, or is party to the Statute of the International
Court of Justice or is invited by the General Assembly of WIPO to become a member. Thus only
States can be members of WIPO.

The States party to the Convention Establishing the World Intellectual Property Organization
(WIPO) are listed in the appropriate document to be found inserted in the back flap of the enclosed volume.

The WIPO Handbook on Intellectual Property is attached.


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