Sustainable and Innovative Sourcing: Aduna

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Author: Global Sourcing Council

Aduna is an Africa-inspired health brand and social business. Their mission is to create demand for under-utilized natural products from small producers in Africa - starting with baobab, the wild-harvested nutrient-dense super fruit 10 million households can provide. Since launching in 2012, Aduna has invested heavily in marketing to drive awareness of baobab amongst consumers and trade, taking it from complete obscurity to an internationally best-selling superfood distributed in fifteen (15) markets. The increase in demand for baobab provides more income to the African community. Aduna pays the women harvesters better and at their locations so the women don't have to struggle to market, benefiting more than 2000 rural families.


The story of one woman is highlighted in a short video, http://www.gsc3sawards.com/2015-2/#innovativesourcing. The question is how can one fruit provide sustainable income to 10 million households in rural Africa. The answer is one rural household at a time. Her name is Matilda Avoadochega and she is a member of the Aboloo women's group, who harvest baobab for Aduna.

Matilda's husband died 16 years ago and she is now living with her children and grandchildren. In the past she collected baobab and processed it into a powder before selling. This is very strenuous work done by hand. She then had to walk many miles to bring the powder to a market, where middlemen would often cheat the women who had worked so hard to get the baobab powder there.

Aduna changed this process by coming to the village and buying the baobab fruit, unprocessed, directly from the women who had gathered it. Matilda and her women's group no longer have to process the fruit or walk it to market, only to be cheated on payment. Aduna pays for baobab fairly allowing Matilda to better care for her family.

Matilda's household is one of 10 million that can supply baobab fruit from a crop that already exists and currently goes mainly to waste. If there were global demand for baobab, the existing crop could be worth a billion dollars to rural Aftrica. But 92% of people have never heard of it. Aduna wants to make baobab famous

Aduna is the recipient of the 2015 Global Sourcing Council 3S Award for Most Innovative Sourcing. The GSC awards are given to organizations that exhibit sustainable and socially responsible sourcing.

Please link 2015 Global Sourcing Council 3S Award to http://www.gsc3sawards.com/


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