IACCM Template: Procurement Log

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Author: IACCM

The contracting process involves a wide variety of activities and a large number of stakeholders. Ensuring speed and consistency is often a problem, but this can be tackled with the help of standard templates.

IACCM offers its members access to a wide range of standard templates which can be used as-is, or adapted to include elements specific to your company or organization.

IACCM's template for Procurement Log is enclosed. It is a sample template that can support consistency and operational diligence across the organization. It can be adapted for operational use. The templates are especially useful for small to medium sized companies and those who are looking for basic templates to support straightforward operations.

The full list of IACCM templates available for members follows:

  • Action Notice Log
  • Asset Register
  • Budget Control
  • Business Case
  • Commercial Query Log
  • Communication Log
  • Contingency Plan
  • Contract End Report
  • Contract Initiation Document
  • Contracts Register
  • Contract Sign-off Form
  • Contract Summary Form
  • Contract Variation Sign-off
  • CQ Log
  • Exceptions Log
  • Handover Document
  • Issue Log
  • Issue Resolution
  • KPI Template
  • Lessons Learned Log
  • Opportunities Analysis
  • Phase Completion Report
  • Procurement Log
  • Project Brief
  • Project Mandate
  • Project Plan
  • Quality Defect Log
  • Risk Register
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • VFM
  • Work Package Allocation


The full list of templates is found here on the enclosed link.

Coming soon!  Complete Set of Templates and Interactive Tool!

For those searching for a more hands-on and interoperable answer please see IACCMs Post Award Contract Management Tool. This Tool is designed to provide support, assistance and guidance to those who are responsible for the management of contracts (post award). The process is designed to provide the contract manager (or the end user) with a highly visual and logical pathway through the phases of managing a contract, from handover to contract close out. The process has hyperlinks to all the key documents that are required at each stage of the contract life cycle. The document templates can be down loaded, completed and filed. No information about the contract is stored on the website. It also provides practical guidance and instructions at each the stage of the contract life cycle. In the additional resources section there are helpful guidance notes, web apps, templates and links to useful websites.


Usage: IACCM's sample templates are for guidance and adaption and do not replace professional or legal advice which should always be sought when necessary.

(c) 2015 IACCM. IACCM members are free to use and download this template on the condition that it is not used within commercial products. For more information please contact  info@iaccm.com. IACCM gratefully acknowledges DPSS as supporting partner for the templates and the interactive Post Award Contract  Management Tool.


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