Ask the Expert - Leadership Development: Critical Skills to Help You Progress to the Top Table (C-Suite)

Published: 28 Apr 2016 Average Rating: 4.5 / 5 Print

Author: Albert Froom, Cheryl D'Cruz Young, Chris Donkin

To succeed in a rapidly changing business world, leaders need to possess a set of critical skills which will help guide, grow and develop the organisations to remain relevant. Increasingly, companies are looking for leaders that possess not only the 'functional' technical skills and expertise, but also competences and abilities, such as learning agility and flexibility.

Join Cheryl D'Cruz Young, Diversified Search/AltoPartners USA, Albert Froom, Leaders Trust/AltoPartners Netherlands and Chris Donkin, Partner, The Inzito Partnership - three highly respected executive search consultants - as they share their insights into the key attributes for leaders to possess to ensure their sustained success and progression up to the top level.


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