From analog to digital

Published: 03 May 2016 Average Rating: unrated Print

Author: José Moreno

How digitization affects the production, distribution and consumption of information, knowledge and culture in the network society.

The network society introduced significant changes in the way social agents produce, distribute and consume information, knowledge and culture. One of those changes is the fundamental shift from an analog system of codification to a digital one in the social production, distribution and storage of information. In this article we will argue that the shift from an analog to a digital form of codification is the basic technological sediment upon which new communication and information technologies develop and according to which those technologies are socially appropriated and become embedded in our daily life. We will begin by looking at the characteristics of the digital codification as opposed to the analog one; we will analyze the ways in which that digital codification influences the way we produce, distribute and consume information; and we will conclude by assessing how that changes the social conditions under which that production, distribution, consumption and storage occurs.


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