International Conference on Contract Simplification

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n today's world, we are getting too much information. It is too complex, and we are getting it too fast. Furthermore, this information can also be inadequate in terms of language, content, medium, and design.

Unfortunately, an end to dysfunctional communication is not in sight.

When experts communicate with other experts or lay people, these problems are aggravated. To some extent, the New Media make things even worse.

The world of contracts, particularly commercial contracts, is not spared from this problem. Increasingly, we hear that contracts are too complex and hard to understand. This leads to unnecessary barriers to successful cross-disciplinary communication and collaboration. Rather than enablers of business success, contracts become obstacles.

The International Conference on Contract Simplification has four main purposes:

First, to resolve or at least alleviate the problems of dysfunctional contract communication.
Second, to enable the exchange of pertinent, solution-oriented legal and non-legal information among scholars and practitioners of different disciplines.
Third, to intensify and expand scholarly and practical intra- and interdisciplinary discourse on simplifying contracts, especially in business.
Fourth, to raise awareness that simplifying contracts and pre- and post-contract documents might prompt a new cluster for applied intra- and interdisciplinary research.


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