Ask the Expert - SRM Drivers, Benefits and Skills

Published: 05 May 2016 Average Rating: 5 / 5 Print

Author: John Newton

Undertaking supplier relationship management (SRM) with strategic suppliers should deliver benefits to both customers and suppliers. But, what kind of benefits can be realised, and can they be quantified? Based on seven years of global research into SRM best practice, State of Flux have identified a range of 'hard' and 'soft' benefits that clearly show that, by focusing on the right supplier relationships, investing in SRM can deliver quantifiable business value.

Join us for an ask the expert webinar with John Newton at State of Flux to learn about the success factors you can use to deliver SRM driven value in your organisation. The overarching goals of the session are to help you:

1. Discuss the key drivers (i.e. 'gives' and 'gets') of SRM for both the buy-side and sell-side perspectives.

2. Target the business benefits that SRM can deliver in a given supplier relationship and how these can be translated into quantifiable measures that build the case for investing in SRM.

3. Identify the best practices used to find the supplier relationships that are truly SRM ready, and have real 'value release' potential.

4. Consider what are the key skills needed to implement SRM successfully.


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