Ask The Expert: Emerging Best Practice Ideas in As-a-Service Contracting

Published: 06 Jan 2017 Average Rating: 2 / 5 Print

Author: Stanton Jones, Research Director, ISG & Tim Cummins, CEO, IACCM

Businesses are increasingly adopting 'As-a-Service' offerings in order to increase agility, reduce costs and gain access to innovative new capabilities. They are also transforming their own products into services, often delivering them to their end customers' As-a-Service. While As-a-Service offerings can add significant business value, they can also disrupt traditional sourcing and contracting practices.

IACCM recently undertook a survey in partnership with ISG to get a snapshot of what our members' As-a-Service contracts and relationships look like today, what challenges you are facing as the industry moves increasingly to As-a-Service, and how this may impact companies over the next three years.

In this webinar IACCM CEO Tim Cummins and ISG Research Director Stanton Jones discuss these research findings around “As-a-Service” including; most important contract terms, key risks and benefits, and how to mitigate risks and improve business outcomes. 


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