Journal of Strategic Contracting & Negotiation (JSCAN)

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JSCAN is an outlet for academic research and theory about practices that challenge the status quo in:

  • Strategic contracting and negotiations
  • The commercial implementation of business strategy or policy
  • The impact of contracting and negotiation on trust and ethics in business

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Why are we doing it?

Nowadays, contracting and negotiation are core to organizational and inter-organizational relationships, irrespective of sector or industry, and of national or international boundaries. A significant gap exists between the knowledge and experiences gathered through scholarly research and theory on strategy, contracting and negotiation, and the everyday practices of leaders, managers and employees who engage in processes and practices of contracting and negotiating as part of their everyday working life.

JSCAN actively bridges this scholar-practice divide to keep you updated on ‘the wave of change’ in theory, research and practice of strategic contracting and negotiation. It is the forum where academic excellence and commercial acumen meet.

Publisher SAGE

JSCAN is published by SAGE, an independent international publisher of over 700 journals, 4,500 books, and electronic media. Known for their commitment to quality and innovation, they are a world leader in the academic, educational, and professional markets.


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